Holiday Safety Tips

As the holiday season approaches, we all know how crazy the roads might get from everyone rushing to meet family and friends. Our staff at Beverly Hills BMW wants to help keep everyone safe on the road for the holidays.

Always keep a lookout for weather conditions on the road. If you're traveling to meet family or friends in harsher conditions such as snow or ice, it's beneficial to use four-wheel drive to ensure smoother driving. If you don't have four-wheel drive, it's recommended to drive slower than usual so that your car doesn't slip. However, if it's recommended not to be on the road, regardless of whether or not you have a four-wheel drive, it's best travel before a storm or after a storm when everything is calmer.

Be sure to bring in your vehicle for a tune-up to ensure that your car is running smoothly as possible. Visit our Los Angeles BMW dealership and service center for more tips on what you can do to remain safe.

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