Buying Versus Leasing Again at the End of the Lease

Is it better to buy or lease again at the end of your lease? This is a dilemma many customers face. The two are both great choices and come with their own unique benefits.

Buying Your Vehicle

Our finance department will give you the details of the purchase. You get to own the vehicle. You might love the vehicle and want to keep it. Buying gives you the opportunity to have no payments eventually. You can sell it for a profit. You can put as many miles as you want on it. You never have to return it to the dealership.

Leasing A New Vehicle

You can hop into a new vehicle for similar terms. You have a vehicle that's under warranty while it gets leased. This means that you may get any mechanical issues fixed in the vehicle. You will also have mileage criteria to adhere to. You will have flexibility at the end of the lease to walk away from the car, purchase it or lease another.

Do you want more information on financing options for your upcoming end of your lease? You can visit our finance department at Beverly Hills BMW today for more information.

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