Only Use Windshield Wiper Fluid in Your Reservoir

There are many drivers in the Los Angeles, CA area who still do not realize that windshield wiper fluid is very important to use in their systems. Believe it or not, there are still drivers out there who are using household window cleaner diluted with tap water in their systems and are thinking that this will do the same job as windshield wiper fluid. This is a risky practice to keep up with now that the unpredictable weather patterns have begun sweeping the country.

If you choose to travel outside of our sunny little bubble, you may find that the diluted mixture will freeze when the temperature drops and will damage the wiper fluid system. This, in turn, will prevent the system from holding fluid and it will be rendered useless. All of this adds up to a repair bill that could have been avoided if proper windshield wiper fluid was used in the system instead of the diluted mixture.

Further, only windshield wiper fluid has the correct solution to dissolve insects, road grime, and other debris from your view. We at Beverly Hills BMW do not want to see our customers incur any unwanted bills, so please use wiper fluid.

Categories: Service
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