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BMW 7 Series: the complete unveiling

BMW has finally revealed the long-awaited features of the 7 Series in full. Not surprisingly, BMW impresses yet again, and takes luxury and comfort to whole new level.

The BMW 7 Series truly creates a unique driving experience with all-new high-tech installations such as remote-control self-parking through internal sensors, a wireless charging station for your mobile devices, and most impressively, a hand-motion controlled dashboard that lets you turn the volume up or down by simply…

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BMW X5 Provides Room and Entertainment

Recently, BMW has had some very funny ads on television, that we're sure you've seen. They feature a family, and their grandma, telling tales that have varying degrees of truth to them. They make us here at Beverly Hills BMW laugh, but it is important to remember they are promoting a car, too.

It's the BMW X5 crossover, which has all the luxury, technology, and features you would expect on a new…

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BMW invents bad B&B cure-all -- the BMW X3 with ConnectedDrive

Staying connected on the road isn't just about being able to call your spouse and check in every once in a while. These days it's about keeping on top of all the latest news, weather and traffic updates while you still have both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

The 2015 BMW X3 is an expert at keeping its passengers cool, calm and connected with its ConnectedDrive infotainment system…

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Watch Outtakes from BMW's Super Bowl Ad

Outtakes and gag reels are always the highlight of a comedy's end credits. Seeing actors goofing off and messing up lines is a mysteriously enjoyable experience. Now you can have that same enjoyment, but in the form of outtakes from BMW's newest ad, which will air during the Super Bowl on February 1st. Featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, we get to see two highly respected broadcast journalists being silly and enjoying making…

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BMW i8 Hybrid Sports Car Stirs up Emotions with Revolutionary Specs and Teaser Video

BMW wants you to get in the spirit of the holiday season by building up some excitement over their gift to the automotive industry, one that everyone has on their wish list -- the 2014 BMW i8.

This revolutionary vehicle combines the best of classic BMW driving dynamics with a lot of the new, retaining the raw BMW power we all know and love with the latest in green-driving technology. The i8 hybrid sports car lives…

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