Find High-Quality BMW Tire Service and Sales
at Beverly Hills BMW

Beverly Hills BMW delivers high-quality tire service and sales at our BMW Service Center, located on Wilshire Blvd just five minutes from the Wilshire Country Club. Our BMW technicians have what it takes to keep your BMW SAV or car touring along the 10 with complete confidence.


Up to $200

What Tire Services Does Beverly Hills BMW Provide?

Beverly Hills BMW offers a full range of tire services, including tire rotation, tire repair, and tire replacement. We'll help you find the perfect tires you need to take on any Los Angeles County adventure, whether that means performance tires for your BMW M2, all-season tires for your BMW X5, or anything else.

Does My BMW Need New Tires?

It's a good idea to replace all four of your vehicle's tires once the tread has worn or six years have passed since their production date. A quick way to test your tire treads is with a quarter. If Washington's head is touching the tread while the quarter is held upside-down the tread channel, then you tire should have some life left, but if there's a gap between Washington's head and the tread, you'll need to replace your BMW tires. No matter the tread depth or condition, tires with damage or that are over six years old should be replaced.

Why Choose the Beverly Hills BMW Tire Center?

Our service center at Beverly Hills BMW is the perfect place for tire service. Our 89-bay facility near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is well-equipped with all the latest in BMW tools, technologies, and equipment, and our well-stocked tire center features a complete collection of high-quality tires from trusted brands that will keep you and your BMW at the front of the pack on Rodeo Drive.

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