There are many great reasons to choose an electric vehicle like the BMW i3, including efficiency, government incentives, and savings--but why choose the BMW i3 specifically? Here are five great reasons to pick up the new BMW i3 at your Los Angeles BMW dealer:

The BMW i3 Keeps you Connected

The BMW i3 is smart and fully compatible with mobile devices. You can control your BMW i3 through the convenient BMW Connected app on your smart device, which allows you to manage battery charging, interior heating or cooling, GPS navigation, driving efficiency, and service information effortlessly.

The BMW i3 Has a Long Range

The BMW i3 has more than enough range to handle your daily drive and your next adventure with up to 153 miles of driving range on standard models and up to 200 miles of driving range on models with range extenders. Most commutes are around 25 miles, giving you more than enough range for the driving you need.

The BMW i3 Charges Quickly and Efficiently

The BMW i3 has high capacity quick charge batteries which can be charged with Level 3 Public 50 kW DC fast chargers, Level 2 7.4 kW home and public fast charging stations, and even a standard home AC outlet. Level 3 charging can take the BMW i3 up to 80% in just 40 minutes, while convenient Level 2 home charging can give you 26 miles of range per hour.

The BMW i3s Brings you an Electric Sport Experience

The BMW i3s offers you the unique BMW driving experience in an eco-friendly package. The BMW i3s offers 181 horsepower from its boosted powertrain, earning a zero-sixty sprint of as little as 6.8 seconds. You'll enjoy a premium look and feel with upgrade 20-inch alloy wheels, vibrant interior and exterior styling, and a wider stance with precision handling.

There are Great Specials and Offers on the BMW i3 this Month

You can enjoy great New BMW Promotions and specials when you lease or finance a new BMW i3 or BMW i3s this month, saving you thousands on your new electric vehicle. Contact your Los Angeles BMW Dealer to find out how much you can save!

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